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Limelight Networks, Inc. (Limelight) operates a globally distributed, high-performance computing platform (its global computing platform) and provides a suite of integrated services including content delivery, Web and video content management, mobility, Web application acceleration, cloud storage, and related consulting services that enable companies to create, manage, and deliver a global digital presence.

These integrated services are provided in the cloud as they are supported by its global computing platform, which provides storage, bandwidth and computing resources, as well as connectivity to last-mile broadband network providers. In December 2013, Limelight sold its Web content management business to Upland Software.

Limelight also offers other platform and infrastructure services, such as transit and rack space services. It provides its services to entities that view Internet, mobile and social initiatives, including traditional and emerging media companies, or content publishers, including businesses operating in the television, music, radio, newspaper, magazine, movie, videogame, software and social media industries, as well as enterprises, technology companies, and government entities doing business online.


Content delivery services deliver media files such as video, music, games, and software, or live streaming of corporate or entertainment events. Video content management services publish, manage syndicate, analyze, and monetize video content through a cloud-based service. Mobile delivery services deliver properly-formatted, device-optimized video, and Web content to almost any media-enabled mobile device as well as to present dynamic pre-, mid-, or post-roll video and audio advertising into media that is delivered to mobile or connected users. Web content management services create, manage, and publish local and global Websites through a cloud-based service, combining Web content management, site marketing and personalization tools, and mobile publishing to help any organization be a sophisticated Web publisher and marketer. Web acceleration services improve Web experiences by providing consistent performance from any geography for dynamic and personalized content, online commerce transactions, and Web applications.

Cloud storage services provide customers with a scalable, redundant, geographically diverse storage of media and enterprise content offering policies for global geographic placement, content workflow, and business logic controls. Professional services help customers assess their Digital Presence Management strategies and optimize their publishing, e-commerce, mobility, content distribution workflows, and provide best practice support for network architecture design, storage infrastructure, Web application development, creative design, live event execution, and the design, deployment, and management of infrastructure. Reporting and analytics services help customers manage and configure how content is delivered and presented to online users.

Limelight Networks Global Computing Platform

The Company’s global computing platform provides storage, bandwidth, and computing resources in support of its services and solutions. All of its delivery locations are interconnected via its global network and also connected to multiple Internet backbone and broadband Internet service provider networks. Limelight’s logical locations are directly connected to hundreds of Internet service providers and other user access networks, which are computer networks connected to end-users. It has developed software that manages its global computing platform.

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