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Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc. (AFOP) designs, manufactures and markets a range of fiber optic components, and integrated modules incorporating these components, for communications equipment manufacturers and service providers.

The Company offers a range of products, including interconnect devices that are used to connect optical fibers and components, couplers and splitters that are used to divide and combine optical power, and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) devices that separate and combine multiple specific wavelengths. The Company's connectivity product family provides a line of optical interconnect devices, couplers and splitters, PLC (planar lightwave circuits) and related optical products, as well as customized integrated modules incorporating these devices. The Company's optical passive products include wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), coarse wavelength division multiplexers (CWDM) and DWDM components and modules that utilize thin film filter technologies to separate optical signals, variable attenuators, optical switches and other optical devices utilizing micro optic lensing technology including integrated electro-optical modules incorporating these products.

Connectivity Products.

The Company's connectivity platform provides fundamental component support for the applications, as well as integrated solutions. The Connectivity product includes Connectivity Modules, Optical Connectors, Fused and Planar Fiber Optical Splitters and Couplers, Optical Tap Couplers and Ultra Low Polarization Dependent Loss Tap Couplers, Amplifier WDM Couplers, Optical Fixed Attenuators and Fused Fiber WDM Couplers.

The Company designs and packages its various components to provide integrated connectivity modules for its customers. Optical connectors and adapters are precision devices that connect fibers together. The Company offers a range of connection products that support a range of fiber and fiber cable types. Fused and planar fiber optical splitters and couplers are branching devices that are used to split optical power from a single fiber, or set of fibers, into a different set of fibers.

Optical tap couplers are fused fiber branching devices that split off a portion of light to allow for optical monitoring and feedback. The Company's ultra low polarization dependent loss devices offer low levels of sensitivity to polarization. Amplifier WDM couplers are used with specialized fibers to combine or separate specific wavelengths of light associated with standard telecommunications optical amplifier requirements. The Company utilizes attenuating fiber that reduces power while preserving performance characteristics. Fused fiber WDM couplers are used to combine and separate optical signals transmitted on different wavelengths.

Optical Passive Products

The Company's Optical Passive Products devices serve many system OEM customers needs for current and next generation network equipment. The Company's Optical Passive Products include Filter WDMs, Amplifier Filter WDMs, DWDMs, CWDMs, compact coarse wavelength division multiplexers (CCWDMs), Add/Drop DWDM Filters, Optical Isolators, Optical Bypass Switches and Automatic Variable Optical Attenuators.

The Company's thin film filter based WDMs are used to combine and separate optical signals. The Company's filter WDMs are designed for a range of network applications, including combining active and passive components and wavelength monitoring, splitting and separating tasks. The Company's amplifier filter WDMs are designed for a range of applications, such as splitting wavelengths and connecting lasers used in signal power amplification. DWDMs are integrated optical modules that combine, or multiplex, and separate, or demultiplex, multiple optical signals of different wavelengths on a single fiber. The Company utilizes thin film technology in the development and manufactures of its DWDM products.

The Company’s CWDMs, are integrated optical modules that multiplex or demultiplex multiple optical signals of different wavelengths on a single fiber. The Company's CWDM product separate wavelength into 20 nanometers, or spacing to cover the complete fiber optical communication spectrum from 1270 nanometers to 1610 nanometers. The Company's CWDM product covers four channel, eight channel, and sixteen channel mux and demux applications, and upgradeability for both four channel and eight channel types. The Company also offers optical add-drop modules (OADMs), for CWDM networks, with the capability of adding or dropping from one to fifteen channels. In addition to the CWDM mux, demux and optical add/drop modules, the Company also offers complete rackmount CWDM solutions.

CCWDMs, are integrated optical modules that are designed to improve optical performance, while reducing manufacturing costs, in a package less than 1/4 the size of conventional CWDM modules. The CCWDM Mux/Demuxes are available in four or eight channels and include an expansion port for 16 channel systems. Its Add/drop DWDM filter products are used to insert or extract specific wavelengths in a DWDM system. Its Optical Isolators uses polarization rotation to block return signals from the forward optical path. Its Optical Bypass Switches utilizes beam shifting optics or mirror to switch optical signals from one fiber to another in response to a control signal provided electronically. Automatic variable optical attenuators are designed to control the optical power in a fiber. The Company's automatic variable optical attenuators are specifically designed for applications in DWDM networks for use with individual channel source elements such as add/drop transmitters.

The Company competes with Oclaro Inc., DiCon Fiberoptics, JDS Uniphase Corp., Oplink Communications, Inc., Senko Advanced Components and Tyco Electronics Corporation.

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