VC Private Financings for RNA Interference

Expression Genetics raises $12,000,000

Expression Genetics, Inc., announced today that it has successfully completed its $12-million Series B financing.  The company plans to use this most recent funding to continue clinical development of its lead product EGEN-001, a cancer therapeutic, and to further advance its development of delivery technologies for siRNA and shRNA.  EGEN-001 is under development for the […]

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals raises $8,400,000

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an RNA interference company developing novel therapeutics utilizing proprietary Dicer Substrate Technology, today announced a second closing of its Series A financing, receiving a total of $8.4 million in additional venture capital.  Dicerna announced its strategic focus in the therapeutic areas of oncology, metabolic diseases and hepatitis C infection (HCV).  “Dicerna’s platform […]

Quark raises $27,000,000

Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a development-stage pharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing novel RNA interference-based therapeutics, today announced the closing of a private financing totaling an aggregate of $27 million.  Quark’s current clinical pipeline includes AKIi-5, developed by Quark for the prevention of acute kidney injury (AKI) following major cardiac surgery, currently in Phase I/IIa […]

PhaseRx raises $19,000,000

Venture capitalists have agreed to nurture PhaseRx, a nascent Seattle biotech, with funding of up to $19 million to pursue a pioneering technique that could help turn off harmful genes.  PhaseRx seeks to develop a way to deliver therapies based on siRNA, or small interfering RNA, a technique that allows genes linked to maladies to […]

Traversa Therapeutics raises $2,000,000

Traversa Therapeutics, Inc. announced today the completion of a $2 million Series A financing.  Traversa Therapeutics is a La Jolla, California-based biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of RNAi delivery technologies. The company strives to rapidly advance siRNA platform delivery technologies for use internally and by other pharmaceutical companies in targeting a […]

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals raises $13,000,000

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. raises $13,000,000.  The firm plans to commercialize RNAi-based drugs, which rely on RNA molecules to turn on and off disease-causing genes to treat patients.  Dicerna Pharmaceuticals is a developer of therapeutics for multiple therapeutic areas that is based on Dicer substrate technology, which involves an earlier step than is usually employed in […]

Antisense Pharma GmbH raises $38,000,000

Antisense Pharma GmbH, biotech leader in the development of targeted therapies for malignant tumors, receives venture capital amounting to EUR 27 million (USD 38 million).  Antisense Pharma is a pioneer in the development of antisense drugs. Discovered with the help of modern platform technology, the drugs effectively prevent disease-associated proteins to originate. This allows to […]

Protiva Biotherapeutics raises $3,500,000

Protiva Biotherapeutics Inc. announced today the completion of a convertible debenture financing with commitments of CAD$3.5 million. This fourth round of financing brings Protiva’s cumulative venture capital financing to CAD$26.2 million. Protiva Biotherapeutics Inc. is focused on the development of nucleic acid based pharmaceutical products to fight serious human diseases, such as cancer, influenza (including […]

Cequent Pharmaceuticals raises $9,000,000

Cequent Pharmaceuticals Completes $9 Million Series a Financing An early-stage biopharmaceutical company, Cequent is pioneering the development of novel therapeutics to prevent and treat a wide range of human diseases - from inflammatory diseases to cancer - based on the company’s proprietary technology, TransKingdom RNA interference (tkRNAi(TM)).

NOXXON Pharma AG raises $50,000,000

NOXXON Pharma AG (NOXXON), developer of mirror image oligonucleotide therapeutics termed Spiegelmers®, announced today the successful closing of a 37 million Euro (50 million US $) series C round of financing “This impressive investment puts NOXXON in an excellent position to move our lead compounds NOX-E36 for the treatment of lupus nephritis and NOX-A12 for […]