PixelEXX Systems raises $250,000

PixelEXX Systems, a Nanotechnology company, received $250,000 in seed capital.  “Nanoarrays are a new way of imaging cells,” explained Dr. Wickline.  “A researcher can look at a living cell with nano-sized sensors to get a more detailed picture of the cell, its internal structures, and how those parts function.  These nanosensors will be capable of using light and sound to create extremely accurate images of the living cell’s inner structures, as well as measure the changes in electrical charges as those structures interact.  The images and measurements will produce an improved 3-dimensional picture of how a cell reacts to stimuli, such as a drug - all in real-time.  Pharmaceutical companies then will be able to study the effects of their drugs on the body’s smallest functional unit, the cell, to better determine a drug’s safety and efficacy.”